Root Cutters & Sewer Saws in Cincinnati, Ohio

Sewer saw operators can increase productivity and reduce downtime by using saws which Productive Carbides, Inc., has enhanced with carbide teeth and wear pads.  We add carbide teeth on the front and back edges of saws to make them cut faster than steel teeth alone.  Additionally, we add carbide wear strips on the outer side of saw blades to increase longevity of saws. Up to 10 times longer, by some reports!  Typically, in inventory are 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 15- and 18-inch blades. Others sizes are available on request.


Reinforced Root Cutters

Municipal sewage departments can reduce saw breakage and extend saw use by using Productive Carbides, Inc.'s reinforced root cutters.  To increase the saw's strength, we weld a band of steel inside the first lobe, the most crucial bend in the saw.  All of our 15- and 18-inch saws are reinforced; smaller sizes can be reinforced upon request.  We customize tooth spacing, reinforcement and wear pads as needed by our customers depending on what they are cutting.  


Super-Sized Root Cutter

Productive Carbides, Inc., also makes large diameter saws, up to 32-inch.  The larger sizes have two driver lobes from the center which makes the saws look like a giant letter S.  We will adjust carbide tooth size and spacing as needed.  These saws can be driven with customers' hydrolic drive motors after skids have been built up.

Certain root cutting jobs might require a core drill design and Productive Carbides, Inc, can fabricate saws up to 36-inches for this application.


Contact us in Cincinnati, Ohio, to request more information about our modified root cutters and sewer saws.

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