Custom Work

Productive Carbides, Inc. has worked extensively with contractors and municipalities to provide custom applications of carbide on blades for unique tool uses.  Our specialty is designing solutions for our customers across several industries.



Carbide Teeth

Standard sewer saws are made of steel with teeth formed into the edge for cutting roots or deposits in sewer pipes.  A tooth made of carbide is harder and will last longer than steel.  Productive Carbides, Inc., tested various spacings and grades to achieve standardized spacing of carbide for optimal performance. 


Carbide Wear Pads

When steel saws are turned in sewers, the steel wears and shortens the saws' life.  Productive Carbides, Inc., adds carbide discs or grit to the saw at the wear points to extend the saw life.  Additional wear pads can be brazed into the saws to make a scraper to remove rust or lime deposits. 


Carbide Grit

Productive Carbides, Inc., brazes grit onto the saw on top of the steel teeth to reach two objectives - longer tooth life and a good wear surface.

Productive Carbides, Inc., has manufactured special pads of carbide grit to bolt into saws to provide a wide carbide scraper for debris removal from water lines and sewer pipes.  


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